About us

Los Vladimirovich is a collective brand, which means everyone is included, No one has the designer title, we want people to know and recognize our final work as a collective and not as an individual work, we work in a horizontal way; it's all about the team!

We are a collective brand struggling to keep the brotherhood values & teamwork reflected in each pieces handmade. We work with natural fabrics and make quality and comfortable pieces very friendly with the men daily life.

We empower the TEAM work (like the artist collectives in the French Revolution) give up your individuality…your freedom…to be part of a group to know that everything you do is more about your group, team…than yourself.
Any individual who goes against the idea and values of his/her nuclear family shows that he/she is worthy of it.

The Los Vladimirovich based in the World and In the Idea: Everyone as a world citizen - A world without physical territory.